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Here are some of the wonderful greyhounds that are ready for adoption. Please check back regularly, as the list changes constantly.

For more information, or to make an adoption request, please fill out an on-line Adoption Form

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"Re-homed" Hounds

Bowser ~ 4 year old brindle male. 75 pounds. Bowser is one of those wonderful, special needs dogs. He suffers from periodic seizures unless carefully treated (the old pill-in-the-hotdog trick) with an inexpensive, twice-a-day pill. Bowser is great with cats, small dogs, kids and anything else you can think of. He's quiet, laid back and incredibly loving.

Sean ~ 2 1/2 year old white/tan male. 85 pounds. This is a BIG boy. Not cat or small animal safe (unless you're an experienced trainer.) Good with kids, very affectionate and high energy.

Grood ~ 5 year old red male. 76 pounds. Quiet and easy going. Okay with small dogs, but hasn't been cat tested yet.

Hayden ~ 5 year old red male. 79 pounds. Quiet and easy going. Cat & small animal friendly.

Adoption pending.

Inman ~ 4 year old black male. 66 pounds. Cat & small animal friendly. Good with kids, too. We've already got 3 nibbles for this gorgeous guy. Don't let him get away from you !!

Massa ~ 5 year old black female. 60 pounds. Workable with cats & small animals. A born clown.. she's got loads of silly games she wants to share.

Come see her at PetSmart, September 6th, Lacey WA.

Jeopardy ~ 6 year old brindle female. 65 pounds. Not cat tested yet.

Queen ~ 5 year old black female. NOT small animal safe or cat safe, and she never will be. She loves kids, however.

She will be in Lacey WA September 6th.

Elliott ~ 6 month old white/brindle male puppy. Elliot is not up for adoption at this time... we just wanted you all to see what a greyhound puppy looked like!

"Re-Homed" Hounds
In our adoption contracts there is a portion that states if you can no longer keep your hound, you must return him to HOMES FOR HOUNDS. We do not care what age or under what circumstances the hound is returned. There is the right home for every greyhound available for adoption. Our rehomed hounds are very easy to place.

Chloe ~ Not good with toddlers but okay with bigger kids. Small animal safe & could be worked with to become cat friendly. She has been in a home and has her social amenities. Very loving but very shy and would be best in a quiet home.

Chloe wil be in Vancouver WA, September 6th.

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