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Here are some of the wonderful greyhounds that are ready for adoption. Please check back regularly, as the list changes constantly.

For more information, or to make an adoption request, please fill out an on-line Adoption Form

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"Re-homed" Hounds

FYI... We have found a source for new hounds and are now trying to get someone to haul them for us. Stay posted for developments.

Mr. Tee ~ 4 year old white/brindle male. Tee is a big, vigorous hound. He has not been around small children & is not small animal tested. He'd probably do real well with another greyhound buddy in the house.

Kyra ~ 8 year old dark brindle female. Excellent with children & bigger dogs. Can NOT live with cats or smaller animals.

Crystal ~ 5 year old fawn female. Very people oriented. Loves everybody & especially kids. So far, is doing well with small animals. Crystal is exceptionally sweet natured.

Fostered with adoption pending.

Here are the new guys!

Henry ~ 2 1/2 year old white & brindle male. This is a big boy, but quiet, laid back & very outgoing. He's up to date on his shots & has already been altered. Look at that marvelous coat; what unusual markings! I wouldn't mind keeping him myself.

Benny ~ Gorgeous red male, 2 1/2 years old. He and Henry came from the same kennel in Nebraska (which also donated to help defray their shipping costs.) Alert, curious & very affectionate.

All the next hounds will take some work. They are all young, have never raced, have not been leash trained & have little or no socialization skills. All of them have been tested okay for cats & small animals (but we'll recheck them all before adoption.)

Conrad ~ 1 1/2 year old smaller, black male.

Ushi ~ 1 1/2 year old tiny, black female.

Alice ~ 1 1/2 red brindle female.

Elosa ~ 1 1/2 year old Black female. This gal has got a lot of personality.

Ally ~ 1 1/2 year old dark bridnle female with a black face. Very petite.

"Re-Homed" Hounds
In our adoption contracts there is a portion that states if you can no longer keep your hound, you must return him to HOMES FOR HOUNDS. We do not care what age or under what circumstances the hound is returned. There is the right home for every greyhound available for adoption. Our rehomed hounds are very easy to place.

Ginger ~ This is 5 year old brindle girl (who was not ours originally) was found in California wandering homeless in the desert. She was taken in by a local animal shelter, returned to health and adopted out. Her owner is 81 and just lost her husband who walked Ginger all the time. The lady cannot walk her and has no backyard in the new place she has moved to in Vancouver. Ginger can live with small dogs (never cats.)

Elliott ~ Elliott is a puppy, not quite 2 years old. He has been in a home but cannot live without a friend. His caregivers do not want 2 so are returning him tomorrow. If you have another grey and would be interested in a puppy to go along with him, that would be great. He is fine with small animals including cats and toddlers He is white with red/brindle spots.

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