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Here are some of the wonderful greyhounds that are ready for adoption. Please check back regularly, as the list changes constantly.

For more information, or to make an adoption request, please fill out an on-line Adoption Form

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"Re-homed" Hounds

New hounds are in!!
(They're all a bit shaggy from their Kansas winter coats.)

Gavin ~ (DOB 8/2013) 2 year old black male... on the smaller side. Gavin is the current kennel favorite. What a sweetheart! Full of personality, he's also good with small animals. Gavin needs a home with a lot of activity... he just loves kids.

At the Tigard Petsmart September 12th.

Gracie ~ Not cat or small animal safe. 6 year old white/brindle female (DOB 6/2009). Very quiet & laid back, Gracie would make an excellent addition for an older couple.

At the Tigard Petsmart September 12th. This will be her first public appearance!

Hector ~ (DOB 07/2013) This is a BIG boy & a gorgeous "cow dog". Can be trained for small animals, but it would take work.

At the Tigard Petsmart September 12th

Malibu ~ (DOB 4/2014) 1 year old petite, fawn female. Small animal safe. Loves to play & gets excited doing it. She hasn't had much human contact before this, so she's on the shy side, but warms up quickly. This gal's a "smiler".

Will be available after surgery, August 25th.

Hocus Pocus ~ (DOB 10/2013) Female "cow hound". Friendly, outgoing & a "talker". Good with small animals. She's had her surgery & is ready to go.

Spaz ~ (DOB 7/2014) 1 year old, light brindle male. This guy's awfully shy and takes a while to make a connection. Big time "smiler". Good with small animals.

Will be available after surgery, August 25th.

Gina ~ (DOB 4/2014) 1 year old brindle female. This one is our "wild child". She thinks the world is her oyster, loves to play, extremely outgoing & a big-time "talker". Good with small animals. She's had her surgery & is ready to go.

"Re-Homed" Hounds
In our adoption contracts there is a portion that states if you can no longer keep your hound, you must return him to HOMES FOR HOUNDS. We do not care what age or under what circumstances the hound is returned. There is the right home for every greyhound available for adoption. Our rehomed hounds are very easy to place.

photo pending Hairy the Dawg ~ 2 year old black male Sharpei mix. Hairy was rescued by H4H from a homeless guy on the side of the road. He had the worst case of mange you ever saw and had to be shaved completely bald. Hairy has been cured, pampered and boarded with greyhounds long enough now that he thinks he's a greyhound too! Hairy loves kids, is great with small animals & cats, walks on a leash, is housebroken and generally behaves the perfect gentleman. It's time for Hairy to find a home...

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